Northern Lights Community, Box Elder, SD

Project Owner: Elk Vale Business Park, LLC

Project Contact: Doyle Estes

Project Manager: James Warne, PE

Project Description: KTM completed the Northern Lights Land Use/Master Plan as a mixed-use community.  The plan incorporated single family residential, multi-family residential, commercial, and public spaces.  The residential lots were arranged to emphasis the sense of community by addressing the street.  The commercial and multi-family areas were integrated into and around the single family residential areas, allowing for the potential of a live-work community.  Northern Lights Community is approximately 240 acres in size. The most recent phase is currently under construction.

141st Place & Creek Meadows Subdivision Road Replacement

Project Owner: Elk Creek Properties, LLC.

Project Contact: Kent Hagg

Project Manager: Michael Towey, PE

Project Budget: $2,200,000

Design Costs: $105,000

Construction Administration: $61,000

Project Description: The Owner of Creek Meadows Subdivision contracted with KTM to provide design services needed to reconstruct within the subdivision.  The estimated street length is about 19,000 linear feet.  Major design components include: 1) paving the existing graveled roads; 2) design of several new streets; 3) improving 141st Pl. to local standards; and 4) replacement of an existing bridge structure.  141st Pl. has been reconstructed to the existing bridge.  The subdivision streets are under construction. The bridge replacement portion is currently in design.  Project coordination included Meade County and SDDOT reviews.

Orchard Meadows Subdivision

Project Owner: Yasmeen Dream, LLC.

Project Contact: Hani Shafai, PE

Project Manager: Michael Stetson, PE

Project Description: Orchard Meadows Subdivision is a 165-acre development located in the south east corner of Rapid City. This mixed-use subdivision includes: 1) single family residential lots; 2) multi-family residential units; 3) general commercial and office lots; and 4) park areas.  The development of this subdivision began in 2013.  Our design team is responsible for all land planning, civil design, and construction administration efforts in this development.  KTM also coordinates all necessary regulatory and permitting needs for this development.  It is anticipated that complete buildout of this subdivision will occur in 2019.

Buffalo Crossing Subdivision

Project Owner: SK East, LLC. and SK West, LLC.

Project Contact: Hani Shafai, PE

Project Manager: Kyle Treloar, EIT, LEED AP

Project Description: KTM is providing development, site design, and drainage services to Buffalo Crossing, Inc. for this mixed-use development. The development is approximately 58 acres and consists of single family residences, mixed use lots, commercial lots and a future medical facility.  The development has been incorporated into a Tax Increment Finance District to incorporate such expanded items as upgraded street sections, public utility improvements, and a traffic signal controlled intersection with a SDDOT major arterial.  The first commercial property developed was a new Holiday Inn and Suites.  KTM also provided services to the hotel chain.  The hotel is currently open for business.


Moon Meadows Apartments

Project Owner: Hagg Brothers, LLC.

Project Contact: Kent Hagg

Project Manager: Mike Stetson, PE

Project Budget: $2,200,000

Project Description: Moon Meadows Apartments will sit on a 9.4 acre parcel located in the southwestern part of Rapid City and will consist of 200+ higher end apartments.  The site includes about 13 buildings including the apartments, a community room, garages, and park complex.  Site design included mass grading, water system analysis, all new utilities, parking facilities, stormwater quality management analysis, and access road development.  The project is being funded through HUD and therefore has been through both Rapid City’s and HUD review processes.  Plans are near completion and a General Contractor has been selected for the project.

Highway 44 Common Cents C-Store

Project Owner: Moyle Petroleum, Inc.

Project Contact: Brian Neumann

Project Manager: Michael Towey, PE

Project Budget: $4,300,000

Project Description: Completed in 2016, KTM prepared site drawings for the new Common Cents Convenience Store located near the Highway 44 / North Elk Vale Road intersection.  Site improvements incorporated include: 1) a 12,000 square foot restaurant and C-store; 2) 16 fueling stations; and 3) a 3,920 square foot car wash.  Site design elements required were new utilities, site grading, Auto-turn analysis (ingress and egress), and drainage design.  Permitting and coordination efforts with the City and SDDOT for a new stoplight at this intersection are ongoing. 



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